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Tel: 01706 343312
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Abracadabra Wedding Supplies
  275 Whitworth Rd, Rochdale OL12 6ER Tel: 01706 642984
All That Sparkles Wedding Supplies
  742 Manchester Rd, Rochdale OL11 3AQ Tel: 01706 643100
Bride 4 Groom Wedding Supplies
  57 Fallowfield Drive, Rochdale OL12 6NA Tel: 01706 352598
Castlemere Banqueting Hall Wedding Supplies
  8 Castlemere Street, Rochdale OL11 3SW Tel: 01706 345022
Claires Exclusive Designs Wedding Supplies
  14 Stoneyroyd, Whitworth, Rochdale OL12 8JL Tel: 01706 852155
Derek Timmins-Jones Wedding Supplies
  34 Fisherfield, Norden, Rochdale OL127QS Tel: 07825351217
Fax: 01706351097
Incr-edible-Images Wedding Supplies
  Nicaea, Craiglands, Rochdale OL16 4RA Tel: 01706 524470
Margaret Mills Wedding Supplies
  9 Porritt Close, Rochdale OL11 5HQ Tel: 01706 650886
Margarette Hat Hire Wedding Supplies
  10 Dew Meadow Close, Rochdale OL12 6JT Tel: 01706 654845
Review Wedding Supplies
  24 Greenvale, Rochdale OL11 5QJ Tel: 01706 713961
The Catering Team Wedding Supplies
  20 Huddersfield Rd, Newhey, Rochdale OL16 3QF Tel: 01706 848622
Your Wedding Card.Com Wedding Supplies
  Handley Street, Rochdale OL12 7AB Tel: 0870-803 1976
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