Christopher Morgan Design Ltd (Websites)
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4 Wickentree Holt, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 7PQ
Tel: 01706 861268
Advice for Small Businesses
Registering your web address is essential for today’s small business. This first step for getting online can cost as little as £15 per year. We can do this for you in a matter of moments and allows the smallest of companies to have an online address.

Website Design
There are now so many options and offers from providers of design, hosting, marketing and other services for small business web sites, that it becomes difficult to make an appropriate choice. Do you select on price alone (always a risky option even where budgets are restricted) or do you look for more service options, where price may be higher?
If you have very little knowledge of the web, just taking the plunge without some basic research may mean you have to spend money later to put things right. The problems can start with something as simple as purchasing a domain name; a necessity before you can have your own company e-mail address or website.
With the correct approach, a website can be one of the most effective tool in a small companys armoury. It can provide information, contact details and even be developed for e-commerce.
In creating your website, we will, with you:
1) Plan your website – decide on target audience and the services you want to provide on it.
2) Insert content you provide and add any menu’s, images, links or articles.
3) Register your chosen ‘Domain Name’.
4) Host your website.

Our programming experience includes: ASP, Perl, PHP, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic and Java.

Using relatives, friends, business associates etc as an alternative, could lead to some strained relations if things don’t go according to plan and it often becomes necessary to completely redesign the site anyway, which doesn’t save money in the longer term.
So for a website built with knowledge and understanding talk to us on 01706 861268 or email us @

Example of our work:
Home Start

Website Not Being Found?
Having a website makes sense, but is it bringing you any business?
We have been helping companies for 10 years now with their online presence. Yet more companies than ever ask us why their website fails to attract the level of enquiries they had hoped for. All too often we meet with people who have been charged a small fortune for the prettiest of sites with little consideration given to the target market or how prospective customers will interact with the site. Achieving the right balance between design and functionality is crucial.

So, to improve you web presence talk to us on 01706 861268 or email us @