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Benefits of A Sponsored Listing

Why List?
Most people prefer to use local providers of goods and services and our classified listings and web pages provides this detailed information, accessible 24/7.

How Do People Find My Business?
Our specially designed software searches for your business by: Name, Location, Postcode, Category or Keyword(s). So, if you use a word unique to your business e.g ‘Value Kitchens', your business will be found and displayed fulfilling the search request for ‘Value Kitchens'.

What's The Package?
Advertise your products and services to your local target market.

A sponsored listing - a listing with contact details including a link to your website on your chosen category(s) and location(s) 1 image 50 words

A web page – a full page with further information about your products, services and contact details including link to your website: 10 images 1000 words

FREE jobs listings for vacancies within your business. 100 words

FREE Full job description page with: 1000 words

Property Listing - No limit to number of properties displayed: 1 image 100 words

Full property information page with: 10 images 1000 words

FREE listing on further 2 categories relevant to your business

FREE listing on 2 additional cities/towns
Once you have registered and paid for a sponsored listing, you will have the facility to access your account through our secure login to:
Create your listing - 24/7

Create your web page - 24/7

Update/ edit your listing, text and images - 24/7

Update/ edit your web page, text and images - 24/7 ..